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The culture crisis in banking 4 more questions answers

The culture crisis in banking: 4 more questions answered

Is it fair to describe the workplace culture at the typical bank today as a competitive disadvantage?   That depends on ...


3 crucial questions about the culture crisis in banking

In this blog series we’ve looked at the findings of Accenture’s research into workplace culture at banks. Workplace ...


Smart banks will value talent more than experience

Commercial banking, like many industries, has a workforce problem: their employees are getting older. People in senior ...


Banks plot new ways to win the scramble for talent

Ask any school-leaver what profession they want to enter, and banking is unlikely to appear on their short-list. The ...


5 ways to turn your bank’s culture into a talent magnet

While culture has always played an important role in talent retention at banks, it hasn’t always received the focus and ...


Culture change as the key to success in banking’s future

Let’s face it: my previous post on workplace culture in banking was a bit gloomy.  But the data is unequivocal. ...


Banks need to modernize their cultures in the wake of the pandemic

One of the biggest long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is how it changed our relationship with work.   Record ...

Talent and culture banks

Banks capture cloud value with talent and culture

This blog series began with a look at some of the challenges facing banks on their journey to cloud. This post focuses ...

Why banks need to tap into the power of belonging

Why banks need to tap into the power of belonging

Attending the awards ceremony last October for American Banker’s Most Powerful Women in Banking was an ...

Are hidden workers a hidden source of talent for banks?

Are hidden workers a hidden source of talent for banks?

I’m sure you’ve read the headlines about people who retired early, went back to school, made career shifts, or decided ...

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