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Navigating the storm: Strategic focus areas for retail banks in uncertain times

In part one of my blog, I explored how current macroeconomic events are akin to a solar storm and the Northern Lights are the manifestation of the banking industry’s reaction to uncertainty.  In part two, I will discuss key areas banks should…

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Five key success factors for commercial banks to scale generative AI

Ella Fitzgerald was one of the first, in the ‘30s, to have a hit with the song ‘Ain’t What You Do, It’s the Way That You Do It’. The fact that legions of musicians have and continue to record it tells me…

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The impact of generative AI in banking

Following the release of our new report, “The age of AI: Banking’s new reality”, I sat down with my team to discuss how generative AI is reshaping the banking industry. It sparked an interesting conversation about current adoption journeys, strategic priorities, and…

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Solving the puzzle: How interoperability eases banks' core modernization dilemma

If it wasn’t already apparent, the sudden emergence of generative AI has certainly confirmed it: the ability to quickly respond to new challenges and opportunities is a critical attribute of any successful organization, including banks. The agility that allows an organization to…

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Key considerations for North American retail banks amid ongoing uncertainty

In May of 2024, the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights were on full display for the largest proportion of the United States in decades. The Northern Lights are caused by geomagnetic flairs or “solar storms” from the sun, which…

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Four ways generative AI will transform commercial banking

We’re all still trying to get our heads around the big question confronting all commercial bankers right now: how and where will generative AI have the greatest impact? In our recent analysis of the top trends shaping the industry in 2024, we…

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The time for generative AI in commercial banking is now

Spring is a time when most people, bankers included, take a fresh look at the challenges they face and tackle them with renewed vigor. Commercial banking should be on this year’s spring-cleaning list. While it is often the bank’s largest revenue generator,…

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Core banking modernization: Unlocking legacy code with generative AI

 Early trials with generative AI show that the tangle of legacy code that hinders every aspect of the transformation of banks’ core products and services could be quickly and effectively resolved. By Alvaro Ruiz, Global Core Banking Lead, Accenture. At the heart…

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Five steps to banking cyber resilience

With 2023 in the rearview mirror, we can look back on the year with 20/20 clarity. This year saw banks confronting multiple risks, some foreseeable and others less so. If the year has taught us anything, it’s that banks can do more…

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Ultimate Guide to Product Innovation in Banking

The ultimate guide to product innovation in banking

The pace of change is not slowing down. Customers’ expectations have radically changed, and they expect much more from their banking products and services than ever before. To maintain relevance, banks need to be on the pulse of these needs and create…

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