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The three key areas of fintech acquisition success

For the past five years, banks have transformed by, in part, focusing on bank-to-bank mergers. However, the surge in banking M&A will shift from traditional acquisitions as banks clamor for disruptive technology and differentiated client experiences to defend profit pools that are…

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New ESG laws will force big changes on banks

Banks in Europe need to prepare for the biggest set of regulatory changes since the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis. They’ll soon have to comply with sweeping sustainability rules drafted by national governments and financial services regulators.   The impact of…

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Top 15 banks reveal secrets of digital success

Top 15 banks reveal secrets of digital success

The top 15 global banking giants are generating their combined revenues and profits at a pace that’s well ahead of the average performance of their smaller competitors. What’s more, these big “winning banks” are harnessing their vast investments in digital technologies to…

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How to manage risk for a successful implementation

The technology behind lending systems has advanced significantly in recent years, and commercial banks are keen to take advantage of those advances and improve their processes to unlock the value that modern systems can provide. Over the past five years, a majority…

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Six steps to help banks reach net-zero

It’s fantastic that banks are taking the lead in the fight against climate change. Over 50 banks from across the world have pledged to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. And many more are set to follow. Banks can become stewards of…

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Banks plot new ways to win the scramble for talent

Ask any school-leaver what profession they want to enter, and banking is unlikely to appear on their short-list. The banking industry has an image problem among job-seekers. And it’s worsening an increasingly severe shortage of talent.   The scramble for talent is one…

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Why money in the metaverse is a huge opportunity for banks

You can divide the history of money into five epochs, with each creating a new paradigm for the exchange of value. We are about to enter the next one—and it might just mean that the idea of money will come full circle. …

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Savvy banks use AI to regain trust

Savvy banks look to AI to regain customers' trust

The pandemic has shown us the dangers of putting efficiency above all else. Systems and processes, at organizations around the world, that were tuned close to perfection were upended when an unexpected catastrophe struck. Human ingenuity and empathy came to the fore…

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5 ways to turn your bank’s culture into a talent magnet

While culture has always played an important role in talent retention at banks, it hasn’t always received the focus and investment it deserves.  But as the Great Resignation unfolds and record-breaking numbers of Americans continue to leave their jobs, and as the demand…

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How microservices could be your fast path to growth

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for the most expedient way to get things done right. However, to my mind, what’s even better is finding a way that may offer a faster result and puts me in a favorable position to…

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