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How to deal with rising competition and risk in commercial payments

It’s an open secret in payments that the commercial client experience is often second-class, far surpassed in both innovation and investment by consumer offerings. For years this disparity didn’t reach the bottom lines of incumbent payments providers, but our new research, Reinventing…

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EU future-proofs its payments and Open Banking ecosystem with PSD3

PSD2 helped drive electronic payment and data-sharing volumes while enhancing security.  So why is the EU proposing to enhance it with the new Payment Services Directive 3 (PSD3) and Payment Services Regulations (PSR) package, and what does this entail?  1)  Gaps in…

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3 Ways Generative AI Will Transform Banking

One year after ChatGPT’s public launch, generative AI is probably still the hottest topic in the world of business—and with good reason. Research suggests gen AI could add almost $7 trillion to global GDP. So what, exactly, will gen AI mean for…

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Reviving the central bank: Getting (everyone) on the data train

In their first post, “It’s now or never: Time for central banks to embrace change,” my colleagues Rohit Mathew and Oliver Reppel explored why central banks need to transform digitally to ensure they can fulfil their mandate. In this post, they explain…

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Shifting from compliance to value with ISO 20022

The years-long ISO 20022 journey has achieved a major milestone this year: it is now being used for cross-border payments. The new standard successfully launched globally in March 2023 with SWIFT CBPR+, and on the European Market Infrastructures of T2 (March 2023),…

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One big idea to turn payments fraud from risk to opportunity

While unfortunate, the rising tide of fraud is not necessarily surprising. Financial criminals have been targeting digital transactions for over three decades. As technology has evolved, so have their tactics.     The dial-up world of the 1990s was a golden age for credit…

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How banks can reimagine a winning loyalty strategy

How loyal are your customers? And do they feel truly rewarded for their ongoing relationship with your bank? According to recent Accenture research, banking customers view loyalty as a two-way street: they are open to being loyal to one primary bank, but…

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Checking in on the Banking Top 10 Trends for 2023

We’re a little over halfway through 2023, but it feels like we’ve already seen more than a year’s worth of major banking news since January. With all due respect to the impact of generative AI—which we anticipated in our Top 10 Banking…

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Unleashing the power of Gen AI in Specialty Finance

Generative AI: what’s in it for me? Everyone, including auto and equipment finance providers, wants to know. The way I see it, it’s a technology that will have far-reaching impacts on the lending and leasing business, bringing efficiencies and better experiences for…

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Commercial banks can benefit by transforming ops talent

Commercial banks can benefit by transforming ops talent

Well over a decade ago, I was fortunate enough to land a banking leadership role in commercial and corporate banking operations. I immediately noticed two things that have stuck with me ever since. First, the people in operations are some of the…

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