Amit Mallick

Managing Director – Global Open Banking & API Lead

Amit has 20 years of consulting and technology experience in the financial services industry. He currently leads our Open Banking/Open API business globally and has strong subject matter expertise in Open Banking, PSD2 and the associated API economy, and has published multiple white papers and thought leadership articles on these topics. In his current role, Amit has been engaged with the many of the top international banks’ ad regulators in addressing the Open Banking and Open API agenda and has been involved in multiple projects involving Open Banking strategy & operating model, GDPR, Open Banking consent management , PSD program delivery, API technology enablement and API ecosystem setup. He has also been in charge of our Open Banking assets, which involves the design, creation and development of Open Banking & API propositions for the industry. He is also the recipient of two patents issued USPTO for “Forge”, which is an API-powered innovative industry utility. (USPTO number 9921894 and 10203941). Amit is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and contributor to industry thought leadership articles.

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