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Drive treasury and capitalize on fintech rise

Banks currently dominate the provision of treasury services for businesses in the United States, but they are beginning to face challenges to their long reign. Accenture conducted a survey of over 300 US businesses about their treasury functions, and the findings in…

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Ultimate Guide to Product Innovation in Banking

The ultimate guide to product innovation in banking

The pace of change is not slowing down. Customers’ expectations have radically changed, and they expect much more from their banking products and services than ever before. To maintain relevance, banks need to be on the pulse of these needs and create…

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Banking top guns can boost mortgages with new tech

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. Yes, mortgage rates are at a 14-year high and volume is off by more than 80%. But that’s why I’m writing this blog series. I figure if you work in the mortgage industry, you…

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3 ways banks can wow customers with new value

This is the second part of our series on how banks can adapt to changing customer behaviors and expectations. We’re picking up from the last blog, which explored the “why” of this critical issue; this time we discuss the “how”. I’m thrilled…

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Tired of seeing red? Learn how one lessor only saw green

Adam and I were talking the other day about all the changes we’ve seen in the auto and equipment finance industry over the last two years. So many areas of the business have been affected by simply replacing in-person meetings with digital…

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Sibos: Payments players partner for success

Sibos 2022: Payments players partner for success

It’s been a busy conference season, and one of my highlights was attending Sibos in Amsterdam, where more than 10,000 leaders from banks and financial institutions around the world gathered to discuss the changing financial landscape—and change was certainly top of mind…

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What's next? 3 powerful CX takeaways from Sibos

I attended Sibos 2022 in Amsterdam and connected with clients and partners to discuss the future of banking. With so many energizing conversations, I’m taking this moment to share my key takeaways from the Sibos experience. Disruption has become business as usual…

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Six ways to boost metaverse presence

Six ways to boost (or start) your metaverse presence

Every day we see new reports of companies joining the metaverse. As bulky virtual reality (VR) headsets become a thing of the past, replaced by more comfortable, sleeker models, customers will come to expect many of their online interactions with companies to…

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Sibos: Banks readying to execute on sustainability goals

This year’s Sibos conference in Amsterdam lifted the lid on how banks are grappling to become more sustainable and advance the fight against climate change. And what it revealed is tremendously encouraging.  In this two-part blog post, I’ll share some of my…

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Four big ideas in the wake of Sibos 2022

In the wake of the Sibos conference, it looks to me like banking right now is full of paradoxes. Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are a total game changer or a complete dud. Fintechs are an existential threat to incumbent banks or…

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