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The next big payments disruptors may surprise you

At the recent Money 2020 conference, I spoke with The Fintech Times about which potential disruptors banks and payments players are most concerned about. Accenture surveyed over 200 payments executives to find out what they thought were the biggest potential disruptors and…

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Are hidden workers a hidden source of talent for banks?

I’m sure you’ve read the headlines about people who retired early, went back to school, made career shifts, or decided to pursue their passion projects full-time over the last year or so. And like me, you probably know people personally whose pandemic…

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Rise of the “super-app”: Opportunity or threat?

Back in 2009, Apple coined the catchy phrase, “there’s an app for that.” Since then, apps (single-use apps, that is) have multiplied exponentially and become part of everyday life for most people. But a new breed of app is on the rise,…

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Innovation with techquisition: Getting it right

The fintech revolution is here: Over $34 billion of venture-capital funding went to fintechs in the second quarter of 2021. As technology continues to disrupt the traditional way of doing things and innovation moves at an increasing pace—some say a “frenetic” pace—the…

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Choose your own adventure: A digital lending story

As a child of the ’80s, I loved the “choose your own adventure” books. The idea that, as a child, I could control the outcome of the story I was reading was simply mind-blowing. Therefore, with ’80s-themed nostalgia seemingly everywhere at the…

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Navigate risk and thrive with intelligent banking operations

Today’s world of operational risk for banks is much different from what it was two years ago. More complex. More volatile. And moving faster, according to our global risk research. In fact, 77% of risk leaders we surveyed believe that complex, interconnected…

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How can banks support small business recovery? 

The small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) landscape has been significantly altered over the last two years. Many businesses struggled, others adapted and innovated, and many new SMEs were born during the pandemic. Regardless of whether they thrived or neared failure, all of them…

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Winning the last mile of cloud transformation

As banks turn to the cloud to transform their operations and catalyze growth, many are still searching for silver linings. Our multi-sector survey, Modern Cloud Champions, found that 65% of banks are not capturing the full value they expect from the cloud.  Some of…

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Banking with personality: Advice for CMOs from Thrivers

Everything has changed with the pandemic. Now is the moment for bank marketers to evolve, meeting new expectations and finding meaningful ways to connect to their customers. According to The Great Marketing Declutter, nearly 70% of marketing executives say the past year…

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Hit or miss? Our Top 10 Banking Trends, reviewed

Every January since 2018, our annual “Top 10 Banking Trends” report has attempted to cut through the noise and reveal the real forces shaping the industry’s future. On top of the bold predictions and fresh analysis you’re used to finding in the report, the Top 10 Banking Trends paper…

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The next big payments disruptors may surprise you

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Are hidden workers a hidden source of talent for banks?

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Rise of the “super-app”: Opportunity or threat?

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Innovation with techquisition: Getting it right

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Choose your own adventure: A digital lending story

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Navigate risk and thrive with intelligent banking operations

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