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What's next after 10 years of banking disruption?

After a decade of disruption, what has changed for commercial banks?   The digital economy has taken off around much of the world over the past 10 years, and the banking sector has been feeling the impact of this transformation and attempting to…

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3 ways banks can seize wealth management momentum

Wealth management is a hot topic for middle market banks, and I’m thrilled that Scott Reddel has co-authored this blog with me. As the leader of our North America Wealth Management practice, he brings a well-informed perspective on the issues and opportunities.…

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Breaking down common barriers to purpose-driven banking

In this series we’ve taken a close look at the business case for embracing purpose in banking. In short, there’s compelling evidence that focusing on customer wellbeing can catalyze growth and digital transformation.   Embracing purpose is more than a PR move. It is a…

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Growth in digital payments: A cross-industry view

Digital payments are gaining popularity as cash usage declines around the world. While card payments still dominate in countries where they have a large incumbent advantage, digital products like payment apps, digital wallets, buy now pay later, and account-to-account (A2A) payments are…

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Q3 2021 US credit card issuer snapshot

Key themes Receivables showed positive YoY growth for the first time in five quarters. Purchase Volume growth continues to be quite strong, with all issuers reporting 15%+ YoY growth; AmEx and Chase, in particular, reported over 30% YoY growth. Net Charge-Offs continue…

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Key trends shaping the future of payments

In a post-COVID world we have seen dramatic changes in the way customers pay, from the further shift towards a cashless society to a digital revolution in e-commerce payments. As we look forward, we see these trends accelerating and new payments rails emerging.   Market context   Based on Accenture’s proprietary Global…

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Auto financiers: What does your future look like?

It feels like the end of the year is approaching at breakneck speed. Here in Chicago, Illinois, the days are getting shorter, and the temperatures are dropping. Thanksgiving is not far off. All of which makes me think it’s a good time…

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Will these innovation trends shape banking’s future?

The Efma-Accenture Banking Innovation Awards are set to return on November 18th for a virtual celebration of banking’s best and brightest. With a record 816 innovations submitted by 275 institutions in 73 countries, I’m excited to see what this year has in…

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My takeaways from Sibos 2021

Sibos 2021, one of the world’s largest financial services conferences, was once again all digital this year. Held from October 11-14, it saw over 19,000 delegates gather to address the biggest emerging issues across the financial ecosystem. The theme this year was…

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Beyond CX: BX delivers exceptional experiences

In my previous post, I started the conversation about the Business of Experience (BX). I encouraged Canadian banks to look beyond the Customer Experience (CX) to not only retain their current customers but also acquire new customers at a time when so…

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What’s next after 10 years of banking disruption?

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3 ways banks can seize wealth management momentum

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Breaking down common barriers to purpose-driven banking

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Growth in digital payments: A cross-industry view

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Q3 2021 US credit card issuer snapshot

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Key trends shaping the future of payments

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