Michael Abbott

Senior Managing Director – Global Banking Lead

Alan McIntyre

Senior Managing Director – Banking

Sulabh Agarwal

Managing Director – Global Payments

Paula O'Reilly

Managing Director – Senior Client Group Lead, Midwest

Mauro Macchi

Senior Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting Lead, Europe

Amit Mallick

Managing Director – Global Open Banking & API Lead

Margaret Weichert

Managing Director – Payments Lead, North America

Jared Rorrer

Managing Director – Global Commercial Banking Lead

Valerie Abend

Managing Director – Global Banking Security Lead

Cameron Krueger

Managing Director – Specialty Finance

Ray Daly

Managing Director – Banking, UK & Ireland

Christof Innig

Managing Director – Banking

Kamran Ikram

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting

Andy Young

Managing Director – Financial Services Talent & Organisation Lead

Peter Kirk

Global Customer Insight & Growth Lead – Financial Services

Ryan Douglas

Director – Payments, Strategy

Casey Merolla

Managing Director – Payments, North America

Robert Vokes

Managing Director – Financial Services

Laura O'Sullivan

Managing Director – Banking, UK & Ireland

Amit Agashe

Director – Financial Services, Technology Consulting

Chad Duncan

Managing Director – Cloud Enablement Lead, Financial Services Technology Advisory, North America

Keri Smith

Managing Director – Applied Intelligence

Adrien Kirschfink

Managing Director – Financial Services, Customer Insight & Growth

Naim Alame

Payments Lead – Financial Services, Middle East

Celeste James

Managing Director – Financial Services, Banking

Britta Kotthaus-Krahmer

Director – Financial Services, Technology Consulting

Kim Kim Oon

Managing Director – Strategy, Banking, Netherlands

Nicole Lanza

Managing Director – Technology, Strategy, North America

Fabrice Asvazadourian

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Banking Lead, Europe

Ewa Wojcik

Management Consulting Senior Manager – Banking

Arpit Parnerkar

Payments Go-To-Market Lead – Financial Services, Middle East

Giorgio Flori

Managing Director – Financial Services Portfolio Lead, UAE

Masa Al Chalabi

Senior Manager – Financial Services, Middle East

Alice Mackay

Technology Consultant – Strategy & Consulting, Payments

Chris Dickey

Senior Manager – Strategy & Consulting

Chris Scislowicz

Managing Director – Credit Lead, North America

James Pashutinski

Management Consultant – Technology Strategy & Advisory

Dan Guenther

Managing Director – Technology, Extended Reality Lead, Global

Pete Bertanzetti

Senior Manager - Payments

Scott Reddel

Managing Director – Wealth Management Lead

Samuel Yates

Strategy Manager – Strategy & Consulting

Dilnisin Bayel

Managing Director – Credit Lead, Europe

Howard Bush

Senior Manager – Strategy & Consulting

Sai Debashis

Management Consulting Manager

Jess Murray

Managing Director – Song, Banking & Capital Markets Lead, North America

Max Di Gregorio

Managing Director – Financial Services, Middle East

Rishi Chawla

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Banking

Peter Beardshaw

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Global Financial Services Sustainability Lead

Brent Chaters

Managing Director – Customer & Marketing Transformation, Canada

Colette Prior

Managing Director – Operations & Credit Services

Aditi Kapoor

Management Consulting Manager – Payments

Alan Kronovet

Executive Vice President & Head of Commercial Mortgage Servicing – Wells Fargo

Bala Venkatraman

Digital Banking and Payments Expert – Capability Network

David Cruickshank

Wealth Management Lead – Strategy & Consulting, Canada

David Jones

Managing Director – Global Intelligent Solutions Lead, Financial Services

Dr. Bridie Fanning

Managing Director – Talent & Organization Practice Lead, Financial Services, North America

Olivia Jeavons

Manager – Financial Services

Richard Anstey

Manager – Supply Chain & Operations Strategy

Tom Merry

Managing Director – Banking Strategy