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European banks gain vital edge in race to the cloud

European banks are starting to overcome the obstacles that slowed their shift to cloud computing. And in the race to ...


How microservices could be your fast path to growth

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for the most expedient way to get things done right. However, to my mind, ...

Accenture 3 ways banks can get great ROI from cloud

3 ways banks can get great ROI from the cloud

Before making a big investment (of both money and effort) in their journey to cloud, most banks want to know what kind ...

Smart banks will move their core to cloud now

Smart banks will move their core to cloud now

In this series of Banking Cloud Altimeter conversations, we’ve discussed the challenges that banks face in their ...

Talent and culture banks

Banks capture cloud value with talent and culture

This blog series began with a look at some of the challenges facing banks on their journey to cloud. This post focuses ...

Accenture Move to cloud hero image

What’s holding back a successful move to the cloud?

When you’re immersed in the cloud world, it’s easy to sound off about all the advantages awaiting banks that make the ...


Four steps for a cloud-ready talent system in banking

With cloud skills of all kinds in hot demand across many industries, banks are having to come to grips with an ...


How cloud can solve your data challenges in M&A

In our previous post, we discussed effective M&A cloud integration and how cloud can help in two specific ...

What are “cloud skills” for banks, anyway?

What are “cloud skills” for banks, anyway?

Fierce competition for talent is nothing new in banking, where digital skills have been in hot demand for years. But ...

Closing the cloud value gap with FinOps

Closing the cloud value gap with FinOps

Cloud adoption across all industries accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic as organisations were forced to rapidly ...

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After years of saying it's sure to happen, mainframe migration is finally here.
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Banking Cloud Altimeter Volume 3: Is your bank's culture limiting the value of cloud?

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Managing Director – Global Payments

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