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Every January since 2018, our annual “Top 10 Banking Trends” report has attempted to cut through the noise and reveal the real forces shaping the industry’s future.

On top of the bold predictions and fresh analysis you’re used to finding in the report, the Top 10 Banking Trends paper will also be the first ever that does not feature authorial contributions from Alan McIntyre. Before he steps back to write his book, Alan sat down with me to take a look back. 

Since he played such a big role in launching the series and making it what it is today, his transition calls for some special treatment—and a video! And what better way to review the accuracy of the trends Alan helped identify?

Not long ago, we sat down in my home office to look back at some of our hits and misses from the last four years. 

Enjoy the video above—and please share it with anyone interested in banking’s trajectory.

Read our 2022 trends report, “Setting course beyond the watershed”.

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