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Work is changing. We’ve seen this recently as entire enterprises shifted to virtual work, seemingly overnight. But even before that, remote and distributed workforces were—and are—becoming the norm. That means more flexible work, but it can also feel more demanding.

Also consider that there are now four generations of people in the workplace, and increasingly, our colleagues come from all over the globe. That means a range of experiences, perspectives, and expectations.

And this all comes at a time of tremendous social, political and technological change. That’s been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent protests in America. Some of us find it increasingly difficult to find balance and stamina. And finding purpose is more and more important.

A human approach to work is the right thing to do for business. It’s the thing that unlocks business value, especially in the disrupted and post-digital world that we find ourselves in right now.

That’s why I’m pleased to share a new Accenture podcast with you. It’s called Human: Unlocking Workforce Potential, and it digs into some of the big questions that come with these changes. What is a truly human approach to work? How does a human experience bring out the best in people—and in turn, help a business succeed in the marketplace? And crucially, who’s doing it well—and what holds others back?

Human is hosted by my colleague Cengiz Besim. He’s a manager within Accenture’s Talent & Organization practice, based in London.

I was honoured to join Cengiz for a recent episode to talk about truly human culture. We talked about why creating a human culture is the right thing to do for business, and the right thing to do, full stop. We also looked at why a human approach is so crucial to unlocking value in organisations, through their people.

Many of us are feeling uncertain about, well, everything right now. My hope is that this podcast can provide some guidance for what the future of work might look like, and that you join Cengiz and future guests as they explore important questions together. I’ll be blogging about new episodes as they come out, but the easiest way to get updated is to subscribe. Just look for Human: Unlocking Workforce Potential on your podcast platform of choice.

You can listen to the episode and get a synopsis here.

To learn more about truly human culture and how it can help your organisation, please contact me here, or @andyyoungACN on Twitter.

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