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Canada, time to expect an innovative lifestyle banking app

The first mobile banking application hit the Canadian market over ten years ago. Since then, advancements have included an e-deposit and mobile business app, a remote deposit capture feature, a banking app on the Apple Watch, and more. Apps have become a…

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How equipment finance can take advantage of servitization

In the past two weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to go to two college football games, FSU vs. Syracuse and Wisconsin vs. Notre Dame. Both were good games for someone, just not for both of my teams. Regardless, it made me think…

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How banks can break the cycle of IT transformation fatigue

For many middle market banks, IT transformation is constant. Ever since the Agile Manifesto 20 years ago, it’s like we’ve been in a race that never reaches the finish line. Banks implement agile teams. They invest to become more digital. They scale…

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How to integrate M&A into the cloud effectively

In Accenture’s report, Merging M&A and cloud journeys, we highlight how technology “is a cornerstone of the long-term blueprint for any merger or acquisition.” That’s important to note since in the last year, the financial services industry has witnessed significant activity in…

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Accelerate bank transformations with cloud-native cores

Core banking systems have sat at the heart of banks’ operations for decades. But with the banking landscape changing faster than ever – thanks to new digital innovations, regulations, and consumer expectations – many of these legacy platforms now struggle to keep…

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Banking’s digital shift: Decision time for payments players

The pace of change in payments right now might seem overwhelming. The pandemic has supercharged the trend towards contactless, online and instant payments. Contactless payments, for instance, grew 150% from March 2019. This is just the start. In the next 10 years,…

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How intelligent data can benefit auto and equipment lenders

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power of the massive datasets available today, and how auto and equipment finance companies could make better use of that data. In our latest Technology Vision, I see data as being a critical component…

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New document AI helps mortgage lenders work smarter and faster

In the mortgage industry, early adopters of document automation technologies were underwhelmed with the results of their investment. Today’s advanced AI solutions are changing that perception. They have little in common with early optical character recognition (OCR), which was able to classify…

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Purpose-driven banking in action: A powerful example

For banks, embracing purpose and the financial wellbeing of their customers is more than good PR. As Mohamed Khalil from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia explained during his talk at Sibos in 2020, it can be a powerful way to grow the…

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Why achieving alignment can supercharge banking cloud transformations

As cloud mastery becomes a necessity to compete in today’s financial services industry, organizations are looking to accelerate their cloud transformation journeys. We’ve found that focusing on “the Three As”—alignment, ability, and adoption—will accelerate an organization’s realization of the benefits of migrating…

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Canada, time to expect an innovative lifestyle banking app

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How equipment finance can take advantage of servitization

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How banks can break the cycle of IT transformation fatigue

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How to integrate M&A into the cloud effectively

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Accelerate bank transformations with cloud-native cores

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Banking’s digital shift: Decision time for payments players

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