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The weather is likely to be unstable for banks in 2020, with a high probability of storms in places. Several continuing and new indicators suggest so—from banking consolidation, Open Banking and AI to eager big-tech entrants, revenue migration and purpose-driven banking.

Drawing on input from our “weather” observation points—the many banks and industry tech providers around the world with which we work—I compiled the top 10 trends that are currently shaping conditions for retail and commercial banks. These trends may veer left or right from my predictions as they move through the industry, but hopefully they will give bankers a sense of what they should watch and plan for over the next 12 months.

This forecast is on my blog, and can be downloaded as a PDF here.

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  1. Now that world will be completely different after corona crisis, I would bet the banks will start acquiring most interesting fintech companies. Many banks would have money to do the acquisitions while many startups will face huge issues on getting funding in. Hope the acquisition prices won’t be too low…

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