During the recent Distribution and Marketing Innovation Awards, a joint initiative from Efma and Accenture, we observed a number of mobile banking innovations among the customer case studies submitted by financial institutions in 69 countries. The following innovations are particularly noteworthy.

Loan applications approved in less than 30 seconds

mBank of Poland has introduced a quick loan program that is perhaps the fastest and most convenient loan in retail banking worldwide. The Quick Loan program allows customers to request a loan online or on a mobile device, and receive a response approving or declining the loan from mBank within 30 seconds.

The program, which is for loans of up to €17,000, takes advantage of an existing platform of pre-approved loans and accesses information about the customer’s salary and employment status. The loan process follows four steps:

  1. The customer logs into his online or mobile banking account, clicks the Quick Loan button, and then selects the loan amount and re-payment time period.
  2. The system reviews the application and responds within 30 seconds.
  3. If the loan is approved, the customer confirms the agreement and other credit documents with a one-time password (OTP).
  4. The loan amount is transferred into the client’s personal account immediately.

By using the mobile platform, mBank is able to offer access to loans wherever customers are, whether they are shopping online or walking through the mall.

Europe’s first transactional marketing platform

mBank has also introduced a new mDeals mobile app, which replicates all the main functions of its online banking platform and integrates its rewards program, providing targeted offers based on customer transactions and demographics.


  • Sync the mobile app with their existing internet banking account.
  • Use a PIN to log into the app and validate transactions.
  • View information such as their account balance or credit card limits.
  • Access merchant-funded offers available nearby.
  • Make payments through mobile contacts or their Facebook friends list.
  • Apply to modify credit card limits.

What makes this program so innovative is its ability to present customers with only the most relevant offers based on their location and then to automatically redeem discounts at the time of payment.

Money withdrawal by voice order

DenizBank of Turkey has launched its fastPay Money Withdrawal by Voice Order, a new mobile program that allows customers to withdraw money from ATMs, using their fastPay mobile wallet and voice commands.

To use the service at a DenizBank ATM, customers:

  1. Log into their fastPay account and tap the Voice Recognition icon.
  2. Speak into the phone with the amount they wish to withdraw.
  3. Speak into the phone with the confirmation words they see on the ATM screen.
  4. Approve the request using a voice order.

The service also allows customers to make money transfers and mobile payments at restaurants.

These innovative programs show that mobility can truly enhance and streamline banking and payment transactions, improving customer experiences and supporting their everyday financial needs.

In our next post, we’ll look at how big data is driving customer insights in the banking industry.

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