New research from Accenture and Fjord has discovered four basic “money mindsets” that determine how consumers look at their own financial picture and how they interact with banks and other providers of financial services.

We call members of the first mindset Achievers. In this mindset, people define success by budgeting for clear, often tangible goals. This helps them feel in control and prepared for the future. Achievers skew toward being male and under 30, but they can be from any household type or income level.

The Achiever feels empowered and optimistic about future goals and sees the long term as more important than day-to-day expenses. Achievers believe that making wise financial decisions now allows them to save and work for something in the future; structure is good for keeping track of where money goes, but they feel comfortable as long as they’re sticking to the spirit of their budget.

Achievers set and work toward long term goals, and they budget to make sure those goals are reachable. They have a “manage it and get it” attitude, using financial tools to track progress, but they make their own tools (including analog tools such as binders) or adapt other products when existing tools lack the sophistication they need.

In our view, Achievers’ attitude toward finance positions them as potentially profitable customers in the future. Banks that help Achievers reach their goals have a great opportunity to make these individuals into loyal, even lifelong clients.

Is your organization working with Achievers to help them reach their financial goals? What are you doing that has been successful? Please share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below and watch for my upcoming posts on the other money mindsets.

If you’d like to explore this research more, please look at the Accenture/Fjord report titled Mindset Segmentation: Human Insights for the Financial Services of the Future, which contains many useful insights into changing consumer behaviors and preferences. If you would like to explore the implications of this research in more detail, please contact me at

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