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In this blog series, I have demonstrated the value of blockchain for HR in financial services and talent management. Now, the only question remaining is: where do you start?

First, walk through the decision tree below to determine if blockchain is a suitable technology for you.

Is your business ready for blockchain?

Nine steps to get started with blockchain

  1. Call Accenture.
  2. Identify the HR area performance gaps that could use blockchain. We’ll help you research the appropriate use case to align with your gaps.
  3. Create a map of all data instances associated with the target area. We’ll help you identify if multiple data instances can be consolidated to a single data source.
  4. Determine whether you need a public or private blockchain.
  5. Next, we’ll help you choose the right vendor for implementation.
  6. Design nodes and a blockchain instance. We’ll help you decide on a cloud, on-premise or hybrid solution; choose an appropriate operating system; and build the necessary APIs.
  7. Design an admin console and user interface.
  8. Pilot the blockchain solution.
  9. Identify future technology integration with your blockchain solution.

The road ahead …

Implementing an exciting piece of technology like blockchain in your business can be daunting—but also exhilarating. Our roadmap for experimentation (below) helps you achieve your goals every step of the way.

Contact me here or on Twitter @knott_nic or connect on LinkedIn with my colleagues Colin Strasburg and Oliver Grindrod to chat about blockchain, to find out more about digital HR in financial services or to join us at the Change Directors Forum and People Innovation Forum in London.